Frequently Asked Questions

To View the Auction Terms and Conditions, visit the link Terms and Conditions

1. How do I register to participate in an auction?

a. Visit our website www.hammerandtongues.com  and select the auction you want to participate on

b. Click register/log in button top right corner (remember your email and password)

2. Where can I view the assets?

Each auction will indicate where the assets on sale are located. 

3. How to deposit money 

You need to have paid the prescribed deposit for you to participate. You can pay your deposit by depositing cash at our Hammer and Tongues Harare branch, 18005 Dhlela Way, Graniteside, or Bulawayo branch, 39 Josiah Chinamano, Belmont, Bulawayo.

You can also make your deposit through our online Contipay gateway-follow instructions below


    a. Click on MY ACCOUNT – and go to the FCA Wallet 

    b. Enter deposit amount to deposit – proceed

    c. “You will be redirected to the ContiPay Page

    d. Choose your payment option (e.g. Visa/Master Card, Ecocash FCA or RTGS FCA)

    e. Enter your card details and confirm payment

    f. You will be redirected to your banking application page to authorize the transaction

NB. Please note that ContiPay does not store any Card information it is only transmitted to VISA/MasterCard for Validation.

ContiPay enforces 3D verification on all VISA and MasterCard transactions to guard our Merchants and Clients from any fraudulent transactions


    a. Click on MY ACCOUNT – and go to the ZWL Wallet 

    b. Enter deposit amount to deposit – proceed

    c. “You will be redirected to the ContiPay Page

    d. Choose your payment option (e.g. Zipit, RTGS, Ecocash, OneMoney, Telecash)

    e. Fill in the required information to initiate the transaction

    f. If the transaction is a Zipit or RTGS, you will receive a WhatsApp message with the instructions to perform the transaction together with a unique reference that should be quoted when performing the transaction

    g. Mobile money payments-Ecocash/Telecash/Onemoney

NB Please note that all initiated transactions have limits as prescribed by the regulator; however, for Zipit and RTGS transfers a client can perform multiple transactions as is permitted by the regulator.

4. How do I place a bid?

a.    View auction lots

b.     Select desired lot

c.     Place your bid

d.     After placing a bid you will receive a notification confirming your placed bid via email and WhatsApp.

f.      If you are outbid, you will receive a message notification with the new highest bid for that particular item

5. What if I am too busy to place a bid?

a.   Use the auto-bid function available on each lot-place your highest bid, the system will do the bidding for you.

6. When does the auction end? 

Each auction has a set end day and time; however, the Auctioneers reserve the right to change the end day and/or time of each auction.

NB: Auction for any particular lot may be automatically extended if there are bids towards the end of the auction. 

7. How do I know I have won?

a.     If you have won an auction, a notification will be sent to both your email and WhatsApp with the description of the item won and the bid amount.

8. What other additional charges do I pay on top of my bid prices?

        A 10% Purchaser’s levy and 14.5% VAT will be added on top of the bid price (VAT as applicable)

9. How do I collect my items?

a.     Upon completion of payment and issuing of the invoice you can collect using the invoice.

10. How do I pay after winning the bid?

     You can either pay through our online Contipay gateway or you can come and pay cash at our offices